Let’s collaborate

let’s collaborate

Current Partners
We are grateful and proud to be working together with other ground-breaking initiatives & local government departments in and beyond the education sector:

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Are you…

  • Interested in inclusive education, especially for learners with learning difficulties?
  • Looking for a replicable approach to individualized support that meets every child’s learning needs?
  • Hoping to find a sustainable solution to addressing learning difficulties among learners at primary school level?

Would you like to…

  • Receive professional training for your team on our approach to identifying and helping children with learning difficulties?
  • Have us evaluate your current level of inclusiveness when it comes to your programs or your team, and work with you to integrate an effective, tailor-made approach into what you are currently doing?
  • Let our team train your teachers or teaching facilitators in how to recognize and support learners with unique learning needs?
  • Partner with us on implementing a project focused on inclusive education?

Looks like we are a match!

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