About us

About us

Our Mission
At Backup Uganda, we are committed to promoting and providing individual attention for pupils and students in Uganda, particularly those who experience learning difficulties. We achieve this through capacity building of teachers, school administrators and parents, as well as through advocacy for children who have different learning needs.

Our Vision
We envision an education system that is able to give all learners – including children with learning difficulties – the individual support that they need to achieve their goals in education and in life.

core values

We acknowledge and respect that all human beings are unique, having their own individual preferences and valid needs.

We understand that these preferences and needs are best met with individualized approaches and we design our programs accordingly.

We believe empowering teachers, school administrators, parents, and communities at large is the key to progress for the education sector.

We build and implement our programs with sustainability as our main focus: lasting impact trumps short term successes.

We are committed to being open, honest and accountable at all levels for every step we take.

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